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We have perfected America's favorite snack. DotPops Popcorn is a cute little retail shop in Springfield, Missouri. Get free samples, mix your favorite flavors, and get your popcorn tins refilled here. Our mission is to provide fresh made popcorn, made with amazing ingredients, in a variety of handcrafted gourmet flavors. Stop in and get your free samples today!


DotPops Popcorn was created with YOU in mind - only using the finest and most natural ingredients. We only use non-GMO popcorn, real cane sugar, 100% real cheeses, coconut oil, and natural or organic flavorings. This combination of ingredients makes our popcorn taste amazing and much healthier for you. With over 50 flavors to choose from, like Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream & Dill Pickle, you will surely find something for everyone in the family..


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"Most delicious popcorn ever."

— Yelp Reviewer

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We didn't start out with the idea of a popcorn store! It was really more of a evolution from our love of baking, candy making, and creating. What once was a cake and cupcake business, turned into candy making which in turn started our journey into gourmet popcorn. It was then discovered that we could create any flavor or flavor combination and put it on popcorn. Since we are healthy eaters it became a challenge to make our popcorn healthier - IF WE WOULDN'T EAT IT, WE WEREN'T GOING TO SELL IT! With a ton of experimentation, time and a little frustration - we figured out how to create yummy popcorn without using corn syrup, preservatives, or other junkie ingredients! Today - we enjoy creating new flavors and catering to popcorn lovers everywhere.